Sweetriot Nibs in 65% Chocolate

I guess the nibs craze has finally hit chocolateratings.com as this is the third time in the past two weeks I am reviewing a nib product.

In the old days, i.e. my youth, I would have immediately fallen for these because they come in an adorable tin.  Now, from my somewhat jaded mid-life perspective, what’s inside is equally important. Sweetriot has a nifty little product here: crunchy nibs coated in 65% dark chocolate.  A good fusion of sweetness and intense chocolatey nibs.

After my experience with Pure Dark’s mixes I would suggest blending these with some nuts (any will work well) and some small pieces of dried fruit (again, whatever you like should be yummy).   It will make the contents of your one ounce tin last longer, and there’s something really great about mixing up all those textures and flavors.  I recently tried a hodgepodge of dried apple, pecans, dried (slightly sweetened) cranberries, chocolate covered nibs,  and a few chopped macadamias. Just delicious.

Of course, the small size of Sweetriot’s tin makes it perfect for your handbag or briefcase.  This would be a great alternative to popcorn in the movies.  I’m thinking of mixing them with some dark chocolate covered raisins from Sconza (see prior review), diced crystallized ginger, and toasted walnuts.


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