What’s the point?

The thought of clogging up cyberspace with yet another food-related blog is anathema to me; but where can one go to see if it’s worth shelling out big bucks for some new chocolate?  I have searched the web and have yet to find a site that speaks to me.  There are company sponsored comments, blogs from people whose taste is clearly different from mine, and forums (the one I checked out that shall remain nameless was rigid and snooty).  So, what’s a chocophile to do?  I’ve been trying everything that piques my interest, most of it free samples.

As you peruse the site, you  may wonder why there aren’t more negative reviews. I find it mean spirited to pan an artisan’s wares. Their chocolate may not be to my liking, but they have poured their soul into it.  (A major exception is if the chocolate is made by a large, multi-national company, in which case my review will have little effect on their bottom line, and I feel fine sharing my opinion.) The reviews are products I tried and thought you might enjoy. Rather than criticize someone’s efforts, I simply don’t mention them. You can always ask me about anything you don’t see here and I will be happy to tell you what I thought of it via private email (just write in the “comment” section and I will respond), assuming I tasted it.

Expanding your chocolate repertoire is the site’s raison d’etre.

If you have a favorite artisan or bean-to-bar producer, and I have not yet reviewed them, please let me know.

I seem to have an insatiable desire to try new products, so let my curiosity help you as I navigate the exciting world of chocolate.


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