Azure Chocolat

Heather Foley has quite an imagination.  She offers a dark Provincal Almond Bark with Belgian chocolate, whole roasted almonds, lavender oil and sea salt. A Tamari Almond bark, where the almonds are candied with Tamari (very rich soy that has been marinating for two years) and sugar in milk chocolate, and the one I sampled, Beauty Bark, enhanced with walnuts, blueberries, cocoa nibs, and sea salt.  It may sound like a frenzy of flavors, but everything blended harmoniously with the milk dark chocolate.

If you are a S’mores lover Heather has you covered, in dark or milk. I vastly prefer dark chocolate, so I tried that version.  Vanilla rose marshmallow and chocolate ganache are sandwiched between two home made cinnamon honey grahams.  This was enormous.  I didn’t detect much rose flavor in the marshmallow,  but it was divine, the thin layer of ganache an added bonus, and the graham crackers crumbly.  

I would like to try some of her other wares, like the chocolate marshmallows dunked in dark chocolate, and  some of her truffles: Bergamot with Earl Grey tea, vanilla vodka and candied orange peel, Mexican Rose with coffee, cinnamon and rose water, and Dubbel Dark Ale topped with dark beer brittle.

Heather also offers Classic Toffee with walnuts, pecans and sea salt in either dark or milk chocolate.


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