Lanier’s Fine Candies: Nut Brittles With Chocolate

What drew me to Lanier’s brittles was the thick layer of dark chocolate generously enrobing each piece. I also liked the short ingredient list featuring semi-sweet chocolate, sugar, and an abundance of nuts. The old-fashioned recipe handed down to Herman Lanier from his aunt in Louisiana was another draw.

I sampled four of their varieties, each unique and delicious. (For those of you who prefer milk chocolate, Lanier’s offers that option. If you want unadulterated brittles you can find many varieties on their website, even one with habanero.)

Each bite forced me into a mindful reverie as I focused on the dark chocolate’s sweetness, the uber-crunch of roasted nuts and the lovely experience of the candy’s friability as it both melted and finely shattered into tiny euphoric pieces of joy.

The Macadamia Nut Brittle, like all the flavors I sampled, was drenched in dark chocolate. It was a wonderfully rich, satisfying treat. Hints of vanilla showcased the nut’s inherent buttery decadence.

Pistachio Brittle with Honey was even crunchier. If you love pistachios, you will happily scarf this down as it amplifies the nut’s unique flavor.

Cashew Brittle, also jam-packed with nuts, was opulent, balanced and satisfying. Once again, the cashew’s one-of-a-kind flavor was enhanced by the addition of honey.

Peanut Brittle, the most classic of Lanier’s offerings, was, like the rest, too good. The combination of peanuts and chocolate is always a winner in my book and here it ascends to stratospheric joy. The extra crunch from the brittle, the perfectly roasted nuts and the semi-sweet chocolate are perfection.

If you love brittles, but don’t want a cloyingly sweet confection that just creates a sugar rush and an insatiable craving, try any or all of these. They are in a class by themselves. I have one caveat: Eat a small piece, preferably with tea or coffee, and watch how a few bites really satisfy you. It takes a bit of self-discipline, but your stash will last longer and you’ll be more prone to mindfully enjoy each bite. This delight is not to be eaten mindlessly while distracted by TV, I wouldn’t even eat it during a conversation. Just focus all your attention on each morsel.

If you love exploring new gustatory territory, you will really appreciate how these four diverse brittles offers a unique taste profile.

You can find these and the full array of Lanier’s Fine Candies here:


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