Amedei 63% Toscano Blond Compared To Santander 70% With Pineapple

Yes, I know the Buddha said comparison is a path to misery, but some things just beg to be compared and these are two of them. First of all, the Santander bar is about 75% less expensive than the Amedei.  Their single origin chocolate comes from Columbia and is fair traded and GMO free.  (Unfortunately, cocoa trees are often bombarded with pesticides, so these still aren’t organic or pesticide free, but fair trade is a definite plus.)  Back to the chocolates…the Amedei bar contains dried pieces of peaches and apricots and it is delicious.  It’s very well-balanced between the mildly flavored dark chocolate and the tiny bits of slightly crunchy fruit.  Definitely, a more refined taste than the Santander’s earthier bar.   But, there’s something about Santander’s chocolate that keeps pulling me back.  I actually buy these a few at a time because they’re unique.  The crunch of dried pineapple with its sweet burst of flavor against the intensity of 70% chocolate—I’m clearly a fan.  The Amedei is more subtle while the Santander is in your face.  If they were equally priced I’d be hard-pressed to say which one I prefer, but they aren’t.  I can’t see paying so much more for the Amedei, but you might.       


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