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Dante Confections: 98% Organic Stevia sweetened bars, Turtles, and Truffles

It is unusual to find both traditional and organic high intensity chocolates under one roof, but Dante Confections straddles these two often disparate areas. Their handmade truffles are lovely little domes of shiny, well-tempered white, milk or dark chocolate encasing ultra rich, smooth ganache centers infused with 25 different flavors. From liquors, to fruits, to eggnog, to peanut butter, and mint, there is something for everyone. They come in petite and large sizes. I found the petite version offered up a few bites of snappily textured chocolate against velvety centers. The flavors are on the mild side, so if you are someone who loves a hint of Grand Marnier, for example, and doesn’t want an alcohol wallop, these would be perfect.

In addition, I sampled their milk and dark chocolate Turtles, also available in white chocolate. Every chocolatier seems to have their own rendition of these classic treats. Dante’s are huge 2″ rounds with thick layers of chocolate encasing a super chewy caramel. The very fresh and crunchy nuts, either pecans, cashews, or almonds, are embedded at the edges. The whole experience is quite decadent: über-chocolatey, with a very satisfyingly caramel presence, and enough whole, roasted nuts to keep you coming back for another bite.

On the other end of the spectrum are Dante’s 98% chocolate bars sweetened with stevia. There is the traditional bar, and a Fair Trade, organic variety. Both would surely sate anyone’s craving for the densest chocolate experience this side of a roasted cacao bean. While not for the faint of heart, their flavor profile is almost hard to discern because the intensity just blows your taste buds away. A friend of mine was crazy about them. He loved the thick texture, super slow melt, and lack of sugar. Stevia adds some sweetness, but it definitely doesn’t make these bars sweet. To my surprise, I actually found the original rendition a bit gentler on my palate. It is interesting to note that one bar, 45 grams, gives you 70% of your daily requirement for iron, 7 grams of fiber, and 7 grams of protein. Both of these 98% extreme chocolate bars provide one of the strongest, most concentrated chocolate experiences out there. If you are looking for a wild gustatory ride, this is it.

You can buy the bars from Dante’s website, on the right side of this page, or on Amazon.

Intemperantia Orange Segment, Caramel Truffles, & Vegan Dark Squares

I have always loved dark chocolate covered orange peel with its juxtaposition of flavors, textures, and acidity. Intemperantia’s slice of orange, including the peel, is imported from Switzerland. The perfectly chewy rind is offset by a more malleable, candied center, and a dip into a pool of dark chocolate. I am partial to this old-fashioned sweet, but this version stands above the rest for its perfect portion size (a quarter of a slice) allowing more couverture per bite.

Their caramel truffle is really a soft, delicate caramel inside a round dark shell. Pure and very satisfying.

Dark chocolate vegan pave glacé is a rich dark ganache square dusted with cocoa; a natural choice for someone who wants a dark, vegan truffle with nicely balanced sweetness.

Sjaack’s Organic Chocolate With Peanut Butter

I must admit, with a name like Winter Wonderfuls I thought these might be more fitting for children, but I was dead wrong. They are wonderful. As for the Winter part, if your craving extends beyond the holiday season, you can buy their floral shaped discs with peanut butter all year.

Adorable, organic little snowmen are perfect for the holidays, and absolutely delicious. The combination of crunchy peanut butter with just the right thickness of couverture makes every bite satisfying.

I always think it’s a real accomplishment when a chocolatier concocts something truly luscious that isn’t addictive. Of course, starting with dark chocolate and moderating sugar content (each little guy has about 6 grams of sugar) really helps.

Don’t let the homey, cute packaging, or name of these treats mislead you. If they had been packaged in a fancier box, you would gladly pay twice the price. Nine sell for $9.95.