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Lindt Grandeur Dark with Hazelnuts

This dark bar is liberally studded with huge roasted hazelnuts and absolutely addictive caramelized hazelnut pieces. I would be a bigger fan if the dark chocolate didn’t taste so mild. It’s a dark for people who really don’t like dark chocolate. Apparently, they were going for a super creamy experience punctuated with two kinds of crispness, and a really dark chocolate would have interfered with their vision. I can’t imagine how the milk version of this bar would be; probably, more suited to children. In any case, it is a good choice when a hazelnut craving sets in.

While I am on the subject of Lindt, I find their products are all over the map. Certain bars are quite adult, complex and satisfying like the Fleur de Sel, Chili, and dark bar with mousse filling, while others seem to be marketed to the kindergarden set. I guess they decided not to serve any one niche, but try to please everyone. Perhaps, the solution would be stating the cacao solid content on each wrapper so there’s less confusion.