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Cowgirl Chocolates

As much as I adore the experience of a single origin bar with all its nuances, there are times when it’s fun to taste other flavors and textures.

Cowgirl Chocolates makes a line of truffles and caramels, some with cayenne, to wake up your taste buds.

There are four spicy and four mild truffles. Thankfully, each is identifiable by its wrapper, and they enclose an explanatory card. I was immediately drawn to the extreme flavors: Dark, Dark Raspberry, Hazelnut Milk, and Cappuccino. Each retains its essential flavor, even though cayenne has been added. The intensity of the cayenne is less highlighted in the raspberry, which makes for a well-balanced experience. Cappucino and cayenne is surprisingly complex, as is the Hazelnut. The Dark variety works well, too. I happen to like chili with my chocolate, though not as a steady diet. I’m sure they offer a mixed assortment for that very reason. You can eat one mild truffle (there are four: Double Dar, Milk, Ivory Orange, and Raspberry Lemon) and one spicy one, just to keep things from becoming too fiery.

It takes a deft hand to add the right amount of cayenne. The right amount being one that enahances the sweetness and flavor of your chocolate, as well as the creaminess of the truffle interior. Here, cayenne is a supporting player not the star.

As for the caramel, I sampled the Habanero. Soft, sweet, and hot! Pretty funkacidal, as my sister used to say.

A word about the packaging. All nine pieces snuggled up in this red cardboard box tied with black ribbon and adorned with a silver-colored cowboy hat charm. There’s even a very attractive little gift tag.