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Seattle Chocolates: Truffle Bars

Imagine ten beautiful truffle bars, packaged prettily, offering up ten different gustatory joys. If you conjured up a veritable smorgasbord of chocolate delights, you may want to hightail it to Seattle Chocolates’ website and order a set. To whet your appetite even more, each luxurious bar (about two servings and 2.5 ounces) is $3. A gift pack of ten will set you back $30.95.

Of course, I liked some better than others, but all are fresh, creative concoctions, and very satisfying. Half a bar completely sated my chocolate cravings.

Their dark is a 53% couverture. The truffle centers are firm, but still very creamy. I like their use of non-hydrogenated coconut oil. As I have previously mentioned, coconut oil has garnered a slew of good press for being a very healthy fat.

Whidbey Wildberry gets an A+. It’s an intensely fruity experience. Chewy cherries are generously scattered in a dark truffle center with blackberry powder for a truly heightened essence of fruit experience.

Rainer Cherry has praline pecans amidst its truffle center, offering up some crunch with its deep fruity profile.

San Juan Sea Salt is another winner. The milk chocolate truffle center is studded with toffee bits and salt crystals that keep you on an intermittent reinforcement schedule. A dangerous thing when it comes to chocolate, as each bite, being slightly more or less salty, coaxes you to the next.

Meltaway Mint reminded me that my natural predilection for dark chocolate and peppermint is limiting. The 33% milk is a great change and adds extra creaminess to the intensity of the mint. I vastly prefer a stronger mint flavor, so I was in minty heaven.

Perfect Peanut Butter turns one’s habits on their head by pairing peanut butter and dark chocolate, and using 30% white chocolate in the truffle center. This was positively addictive.

Cappuccino Crunch is full of surprises, too. A gentle (decaffeinated) Turkish coffee flavor infuses a truffle chock full of almonds and toffee. A wonderful combination; and, I have to applaud their use of decaffeinated coffee.

Coconut Macaroon boasts coconut flakes and sea salt in a dark shell. I loved how the salt played against the coconut shards. The chewy-salty-creamy-sweet experience was unusual. I don’t think I have had coconut and salt paired with dark chocolate. Definitely another winner.

Panoramic Pecan is full of glazed pecans and raisins. If you have ever enjoyed a more traditional fruit and nut bar, this one takes it up a few notches. Again, they are playing with a variety of sensations to satisfy whatever craving you may have had—and, all at once.

Orange Appeal is candied orange peel in dark chocolate. i have always liked that combo. The addition of dark chocolate truffle adds a dimension of creaminess lacking in plain old dark chocolate covered orange peel.

Pike Place Espresso also uses decaffeinated turkish espresso for an intense dark mocha jolt–without the jitters.

Each bar is vastly different from the next, which makes buying all ten so tempting.

By the way, this is the same company that makes J Truffles. I liked those so much I bought a box for my mother for Mother’s Day.

Here’s the review: https://chocolateratings.wordpress.com/2010/01/28/j-truffles/