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Kane Candy Chocolate Party Cups

How many times have you wanted to serve a sumptuous dessert that looked festive but you were short on time? What if you had no time, and wanted to serve up something extravagant? If you have Kane Candy’s Chocolate Party Cups you are only minutes away from creating something impressive and delicious.

I remember using the dark chocolate cordial cups with Grand Marnier or Kahlua many years ago and enjoying the delight on people’s faces. What could be easier? Simply pour your favorite after dinner drink into one of these mini chocolate tumblers and presto! you have a special treat.

All the cups are a Goldilock’s dream: perfectly tempered into a not-to-thick and not-too-thin thickness. This makes them compliment whatever filling you choose, as they provide a chocolate presence without overwhelming your dessert.

I have also used the larger cups for classic chocolate mousse (that’s the one with just dark chocolate, eggs, and vanilla) topped with raspberries and homemade whipped cream. Suddenly, dessert became a special event.

Recently, Kane Candy sent me a variety of their chocolate cups. They have expanded the line to include all sorts of colors and shapes. My favorite newcomer is their Chocolate Pastel Flower cups. Not only are they really beautiful, they taste good and are not loaded with sugar. I can’t imagine a faster, prettier way to serve up something memorable than to use these, even just for some vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, and fruit.

If you want to put a smile on your guests’ faces try their Tuxedo Cups. Adorable and festive, they lend a bit of whimsy and charm to any special occasion.

Dark Chocolate Party Cups have lovely fluted sides and make a splash when filled with sweetened mascarpone, topped with berries, and garnished with a rolled cookie or edible flower.

Want to show your love with chocolate? Try their Dark and white swirled heart shaped cups.

Kane Candy also offers white chocolate cups, Pink Magnolia Dessert Cups, and white chocolate cordial cups. All are gluten free and come packaged so they remain intact.


Rogue Creamery

Cheese is not typically a topic for this site, however, when it can be paired with chocolate in new, easy ways it’s an exciting and interesting departure.

You may recall a review I did a while back of Lillie Belle Farms. They still make a dark milk chocolate bar with Rogue Creamery’s Powdered Blue Heaven Cheese, a Truffle spread that’s just marvelous on thin slices of crisp apple or pear, and a Smokey Blue Cheese Truffle.

When I heard that Rogue Creamery was making a powdered blue, aptly called Blue Heaven, that could easily be incorporated into my own truffles, ganaches, brownies, and ice creams I was eager to try it.

Owners Cary and David have been working on this challenge for over ten years. It is made with rBST free milk, and comes in a three ounce container.

For those of you who like to temper your own chocolate, this blue cheese powder will catalyze your creativity, whether stirred into a mendiant base, truffle, or mousse, it effortlessly allows you to add the piquancy of blue cheese without worrying about immediate refrigeration. I adore the pairings I tried from Lillie Belle, and now have the flexibility to make my own confections and concoctions.

If you would like to try a simple starter recipe, you can either make a ganache and add some Blue Heaven, or create a batch of my favorite quick chocolate fix: a water ganache (see the recipe on this site) with some Blue Heaven stirred in. You will have to experiment with the amount by adding, tasting, and adding; however, that shouldn’t prove to be much of a hardship.

Or, make life really easy and simply stir some into your favorite chocolate ice cream, gelato, or hot fudge sauce.