Aldi’s Choceur Milk Chocolate Covered Sea Salt Caramel Almonds

At $3.99 a pop I thought these deserved a try. There are seven servings in a 10 ounce bag, with each portion containing about 11 almonds. The nuts are fairly uniform in size, though some are a bit smaller or larger than their siblings.

This is a bite sized version of an almond turtle: chocolate, caramel and roasted nuts. The addition of sea salt adds a welcome piquancy. The nuts are super crunchy and have a deeply roasted flavor, while the caramel has just the right level of chewiness: not hard enough to loosen your fillings, not so soft that you need to floss afterwards.

Between the caramel and the milk chocolate, these are a bit sweet (18 grams of sugar per serving) but not cloyingly so. I would love to see a 70% cacao version….


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