Askinosie: Tanzania 60% with Peanut Butter, and Flakes of Coconut CollaBARation bars

Frankly, both of these bars are so delicious I can’t pick which one to start writing about first.

As always, with Shawn Askinosie’s chocolates, they look just scrumptious. I still smile every time I open a package and see those sweet little alphabet squares spelling out Askinosie Chocolate, each one a perfectly sized bite.

But that is nothing compared to reading the package of the peanut infused bar, where I learned the woman pictured on the cover is the lead farmer who helped gather and ferment the beans. In all the years I have been writing chocolate reviews, I can’t remember a time a woman has been a featured farmer for any brand. Very impressive; and, I hope, a harbinger of things to come in the industry.

These Mababu Trinitario beans are superb. The slight bitterness of the chocolate paired with peanut butter wakes up all those taste buds that grew up on peanut butter cups and says, “Here’s the adult version of your childhood treat.” However, this bar has the peanut butter blended with chocolate. There are no layers, no puffy squares filled with mounds of peanut butter. Just the peanut saturated chocolate. Intense, and all grown up. I love it.

The other bar I tried was “Coconut Chocolate with Coconut Sugar, A Beautiful Mess.” It’s part of their CollaBARation line where they partner with other food artisans to create new, unusual chocolate treats. Completely different from the previous bar, this is a perfect mix of coconut sugar, crunchy toasted coconut flakes, and single origin chocolate. The flavors are glorious together and the juxtaposition of the creamy dark chocolate with all that crunch is incredibly satisfying.

Shawn is devoted to social responsibility and sustainability. He believes businesses can solve world problems; especially, when people get involved at a young age. For those of you who take that as seriously as he does, here’s a link to his Chocolate University program:


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