Ombar Raw Chocolate

When I say “raw chocolate” what comes to mind? Something healthy and a bit tough to scarf down? Something grainy? Something you wouldn’t want to eat? Well, you might be surprised. Ombar, one of the latest companies making sustainably sourced raw chocolate bars has a truly heavenly 60% Coconut bar. First, you notice its fantastically creamy texture and deep chocolate flavor from Ecuadorian organic cacao. Enhanced with organic coconut sugar, organic coconut cream, and a soupçon of bio-live cultures, this bar is a real delight.

In addition to the addictive Coconut, I tried four others:

72% Dark which was more snappily tempered and very intense,
Cocomylk 58% was very gentle on the palate,
Acai and Bluberry 60% with freeze dried berry powders packed an added nutritional punch, and lent a wonderful almost citrus edge to the chocolate, and
Strawberries and Cream 60% with freeze dried strawberry powder and coconut cream, which held my interest with its intense berry notes and lovely texture.

Of the five flavors I sampled, I like the fruit infused bars and the Coconut 60% best. They managed to have three gustatory themes going on simultaneously: great texture, strong cacao presence, and perky flavors that really brought everything up a few notches.

At present, there are three other options in their line: Lemon & Green Tea, Cranberry & Mandarin, and Goji Berry.


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