Rogue Creamery

Cheese is not typically a topic for this site, however, when it can be paired with chocolate in new, easy ways it’s an exciting and interesting departure.

You may recall a review I did a while back of Lillie Belle Farms. They still make a dark milk chocolate bar with Rogue Creamery’s Powdered Blue Heaven Cheese, a Truffle spread that’s just marvelous on thin slices of crisp apple or pear, and a Smokey Blue Cheese Truffle.

When I heard that Rogue Creamery was making a powdered blue, aptly called Blue Heaven, that could easily be incorporated into my own truffles, ganaches, brownies, and ice creams I was eager to try it.

Owners Cary and David have been working on this challenge for over ten years. It is made with rBST free milk, and comes in a three ounce container.

For those of you who like to temper your own chocolate, this blue cheese powder will catalyze your creativity, whether stirred into a mendiant base, truffle, or mousse, it effortlessly allows you to add the piquancy of blue cheese without worrying about immediate refrigeration. I adore the pairings I tried from Lillie Belle, and now have the flexibility to make my own confections and concoctions.

If you would like to try a simple starter recipe, you can either make a ganache and add some Blue Heaven, or create a batch of my favorite quick chocolate fix: a water ganache (see the recipe on this site) with some Blue Heaven stirred in. You will have to experiment with the amount by adding, tasting, and adding; however, that shouldn’t prove to be much of a hardship.

Or, make life really easy and simply stir some into your favorite chocolate ice cream, gelato, or hot fudge sauce.


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