Askinosie: Salt Flakes & Pistachio with Ancho Chile in 62% Dark Goat’s Milk Chocolate

With Valentine’s day approaching, you may want to send a message that your love is not just sweet but spicy, not merely pretty to look at but provocatively complex. What better vehicle than chocolate to make your point? The name of Askinosie’s new bar is almost long enough to be a poem: Salt Flakes & Pistachio Play Hopscotch on the Dark Goat’s Milk Chocolate Ancho Chile Altar.

Shawn Askinosie is always on the cutting edge of fanciful combinations. What’s notable about this bar, aside from the 68% cocoa with goat’s milk, is how the variety of textures and flavors work so harmoniously. The edgy astringency of Maldon sea salt with its oceanic subtext, a well-tempered yet creamy texture, wonderfully crunchy pistachios, all set ablaze with Ancho chile. The bar’s heat and spiciness is quite perfectly calibrated.

As those of you who gravitate towards chile and chocolate know, this combination can be very finicky. Too much heat and the crucial balance is lost, too little and you’re left dissatisfied, yearning for more.

Askinosie’s new bar is beautiful. Scattered with chartreuse nuts and little flakes of salt, it delivers aesthetically as well as providing a fantastically different experience from everything else on the market.

So, if you are looking for some exciting chocolate to rattle your cage, try this new bar. It will have your taste buds rocking with depth, crunch, sweetness, creaminess, heat, and a pinch of salt.


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