Sheila G’s Brownie Brittle

First of all, kudos to the marketing genius who thought of calling these super thin brownie crisps “brownie brittle.” Alliterative, alluring, and descriptive.

They are like a brittle, or a wonderfully chocolatey tuile; perhaps a cross between a brittle and a cookie. But why quibble over terms when all that matters is how incredibly light and crunchy they are?

I was immediately drawn to the Toffee Crunch variety with its toffee craters studding a chocolate lunar landscape. I often find toffee inclusions ramp up the sweet meter, but this iteration was balanced and had the same amount of sugar as the chocolate chip variety.

Traditional Walnut was delightfully nutty and extra crunchy, with that slightly bitter edge those nuts typically bring to the table.

Chocolate Chip intensified the deep cocoa bean experience, while adding little creamy textural notes.

Sheila claims there are six to a serving, but half that would probably satisfy a moderate sweet tooth.

You could easily make a simple dish of ice cream into a company-worthy dessert by drizzling it with Kahlua and artfully sinking a large piece of Brownie Brittle at a rakish angle off to the side. Actually, the flavor of these reminded me a bit of Famous Chocolate Wafers, which got me thinking about making them into a refrigerator cake with lots of freshly whipped, vanilla infused whipped cream. If you have never made this, it’s shockingly good.


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