Hedonist Chocolates: Cinnamon Chiptole Drinking Chocolate, Sesame Bark, and Pecan Cranberry Bark

When I was a child growing up in Manhattan, my mother once took my sister and me to a fantastic dessert emporium called Serendipity 3. They were, and still are, famous for their amazing concoctions all presented in almost Rococo style, as over the top as the decor. It was hard to choose just one thing out of their cornucopia of tantalizing options, but I finally settled on the frozen hot chocolate. It arrived in an enormous wide goblet that immediately entranced me. Upon seeing it I settled into a chocolate reverie. The gargantuan glass housed a choppy sea of crushed ice packed into a thick, creamy, chocolatey, sweet infusion. Heaven.

I was reminded of this gastronomic experience when tasting Hedonist Chocolates’ new Cinnamon Chipotle Drinking Chocolate. Notice they don’t call it cocoa or hot chocolate. This would be sublime as a frozen drink on a summer day. At this time of year, when served hot, it makes for a explosion of flavor and spice that satisfies any cravings for comfort, chocolate, and warmth. If you are an aficionado of spicy hot cocoas, please note this rendition is on the more intense end of the fiery scale. I loved the way the cocoa, heat, spice, and textures worked together. By using their suggested amount of milk and mix, you end up with a very thick, rich desserty drink that could also be served with a shot of dark rum.

If you are in the mood for another taste bud bending experience, I would recommend their Milk Chocolate Sesame Bark. The creative folks at Hedonist Chocolates coax as much sesame flavor as they can out of this bark by sprinkling both white and black seeds on its surface, and adding a smidgen of sesame oil. Vanilla rounds out the flavor, and the milky, smooth chocolate gets little bursts of crunchy intensity from the seeds.

Their Dark Pecan Cranberry Bark is attractively adorned with swirls of white chocolate on a semi-sweet base. Chewy tart berries and crunchy pecans top its surface seducing you with its mix of textures, flavors, and lovely visuals.

If all that isn’t incentive enough, you can use code: PLSR12 for a 20% discount on purchases of $30 or more. They also offer a buy three get one free deal on any of their barks. Just use: HOLIBARK2 at checkout. (The first offer expires on 12/31/12, and the second expires on 12/1/12.)


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