Michel Cluizel 66% Mokaya

If you love single origin high end chocolate, you are already familiar with Michel Cluizel. His new estate bar, Mokaya, is made with Mexican beans from the Chiapas region and differs from others in his range in that it has an earthier presence. Earthy is a relative term that can span something tasting of soil to chocolate with a soupçon of terroir. Since this is a Cluizel bar, you can rest assured the earthiness is subtle, adding an extra layer of interest and complexity.

If you read about cacao plantations and chocolatiers it quickly becomes apparent how a good relationship between them helps procure the best beans. Luckily for consumers, the Cluizel family cares about all aspects of their business, not just the finished product. This means they are able to get the best cacao from the best part of the plantation.

Mokaya offers an elegant balance of coffee and licorice notes beautifully enhanced with a perfect amount of sweetness. Its smooth, creamy texture carries everything off to a lingering, slightly dry finish.

If you are hosting a chocolate tasting, all of Cluizel’s Premier Cru Single Origin bars would make for a lively discussion and a delicious chocolate trip around the equator.


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