Unreal 8 Chocolate, Caramel, Peanut, Nougat bar

Let’s just cut to the chase. How does this self-proclaimed “unjunked” candy bar compare to its classic and revered counterpart—Snickers? Fairly well. The chocolate appears to be a darker milk and is applied in a thinner layer, the peanut quotient is a bit lower, the caramel a tad chewier, and the nougat a little less of a presence. All those factors notwithstanding, it is an excellent option for those of you who want to avoid hydrogenated oils, GMOs, corn syrup, or artificial ingredients.

There are 80 fewer calories, about half the sugar, 10 fewer grams of carbs, four more grams of fiber, and one more gram of protein, all significant revisions, especially when added together.

To my palate, the bar was definitely sweet enough. I never missed the extra 13 grams of sugar. It is its own confection, and as such delivers crunch, chewiness, creamy chocolate, and the unique nougat texture that catalyzes all the others to a new plane. I thoroughly enjoyed it and like knowing there is a healthier candy option right at CVS whenever the urge strikes.


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