Sunfood Organic Cacao Powder & Nibs

We all know that cacao powder makes great hot chocolate, brownies and cakes, while nibs add intensity and crunch to barks, smoothies, and trail mix. But, what about grinding those nibs into a vinaigrette or graham cracker crust, or infusing your favorite chili with cacao powder? Many savory dishes can be intensified with extra layers of flavor and complexity when you add either nibs or cacao powder; especially, savory ones.

By now, almost everyone knows chocolate is a superfood, especially in its raw state. The iron levels in these two products from Sunfoods are through the roof. They will improve your hemoglobin, muscle function, brain health, sleep, regulate body temperature, synthesize essential neurotransmitters, keep iron deficient anemia at bay, stave off fatigue, and strengthen your immune system.

The prodigious amounts of magnesium in these nibs and cacao powder will put you in league with the 10% of Americans who are not deficient in this vital mineral. Symptoms of low levels can include leg cramps, migraines, fatigue, loss of appetite, depression, or high blood pressure. Magnesium is a wonderful mood stabilizer and has been known to calm anxiety.

So, if you needed more reasons to eat those crunchy nibs or add an extra cup of hot cocoa to your diet, now you have them.

It is easy to think all nibs are pretty much the same, but some are actually bitter and others leave an acidic aftertaste. Sunfood’s nibs give you a super crunchy texture while having well rounded flavor and a smooth, gentle finish. Their cocoa powder is made with Arriba Nacional Fino de Aroma beans which are neither hybridized nor genetically modified. If you are a regular reader of this site, you are familiar with these fairly famous beans and their delicious fruity notes and intoxicating aroma.

If you love to cook, bake, or just make smoothies, these two products will greatly enhance your baked goods, entrees and drinks.


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