Unreal 77 Peanut Butter Cups

I have always adored the combination of peanut butter and chocolate. When my children were growing up I would bake them luscious peanut butter brownies studded with large milk chocolate chips. Even though I am a die hard dark chocolate fan, when it comes to pairing peanut butter with chocolate, milk seems to catalyze the most scrumptious reaction.

When there isn’t time to bake something, it’s easy to be tempted by a Reese’s cup. In candy land, they are certainly one of the more nutritious options. Even so, they could be healthier. If you prefer your chocolate without any PGPR (emulsifier), dextrose, TBHQ (to preserve freshness), or GMOs, you will be thrilled with Unreal 77’s Peanut Butter cups. The flavor and texture is not a perfect clone to Reese’s, but they are pretty close. Organic blue agave and cane sugar sweeten these confections, giving each disc fewer grams of sugar (5.5) than a Reese’s cup, though they weigh a few grams less than two Reese’s cups.

As for their taste, I thought they were very good. The texture was close to Reese’s: that unmistakable edge between slightly creamy and slightly dry. The sweetness level was perfect, and the milk chocolate was just what you would expect for a confection of this type. Frankly, My ideal peanut butter cup would probably be made with Slitti’s 70% dark milk and organic peanut butter. In lieu of that little fantasy, and for something available at your local CVS, this hits the spot.

My only gripe is with the unappealing packaging. For those of you who eat with your eyes this will harsh your mellow. I can find nothing to recommend it except that it keeps debris off your chocolate.


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