Chocolution: Mayan Magic chocolate making kit

Feeling creative? Hankering for some fun in the kitchen? Have some kids or teens in desperate need of an activity? Chocolution has a solution. Their Mayan Magic chocolate making kit provides everything you need to stir up three batches of delicious 70% chocolate in only minutes.

Jake Lawy and Kieran Renihan started Chocolution in 2008 to make creating the purest chocolate easy-peasy. They use those lovely, fruity Nacional Arriba beans from Ecuador, which are a great source of antioxidants.

While their directions are user-friendly, and employ refrigeration rather than tempering to create a firm product, I am a heretic at heart; so, I went with my tried and true microwave method. Here’s how simple it was:

Using one kit’s worth of ingredients, I chopped all the dark chocolate from one pouch, and set aside about a quarter of it.
In a one cup Pyrex measuring cup, I put the rest of the dark chocolate and cocoa butter, included in the same pouch, and nuked it for 1 minute.
Stirred the mixture with a small wooden spoon until everything was creamy and added half of the remaining chocolate.
Stirred that until it was creamy and added the last bit of chopped chocolate.
They also include agave nectar as a sweetener and I stirred in all of that.
Then, I added about one cup of organic crunchy cereal.
I spread out the mixture on a piece of aluminum foil and let it sit at room temperature.
Since it was a hot day, this took about 40 minutes to set up.

With very little effort I created a few good-sized portions of crunchy chocolate covered cereal clusters.

You could add orange zest, nuts, herbs, dried fruit, crystalized ginger, nibs, chopped cookies, etc. Jake and Kieran give some great suggestions in their pamphlet and you can find, and post, more on their website. In addition to the actual chocolate, cocoa butter, and agave included, they also throw in a few cocoa beans. You could gind these up, caramelize them, or simply taste them.

This is not only a blast to do, but it’s healthy and creative. If I were a teacher, I would buy these kits for my students as a fun science project. Frankly, if you know anyone of any age who loves playing in the kitchen, or who wants a super food treat in a jiffy, this would make a fantastic gift. I was surprised at how much chocolate I got from just one set of pouches.

If you would like a little extra chocolate fun, here’s a nifty interactive chocolate infographic following the bean’s 4000yr chocolate history:


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