Alter Eco Dark Coconut Toffee 47% & 20 gram Mini-bars

There is something rich and delicious about a dark milk bar, especially when you amp up the flavors with coconut and sea salt infused buttery toffee. If that’s not enough to spark your interest, just recall how the folks at Alter Eco make a mission of treating their farmers fairly and you will have all the incentive you need to try this incredibly satisfying chocolate.

Perhaps, you already love their Dark Velvet bar, this uses the same Ecuadorian Nacional beans as a base. If you have never had Nacional cacao expect to discover a delightful fruity flavor profile with malty undertones. The creamy texture is an excellent counterpoint to crunchy bits of toffee, and the salt perks up all the flavors.

Always trying to innovate, whether it’s creating new recipes, re-designing their wrappers, or educating the public about sustainable farming, Alter Eco just introduced their Dark Noir 60%, and Dark Velvet 47% in mini 20 gram bars, that are divided into two square sections. I love these little gems as they are great for movies, handbags, lunch boxes, desks drawers, briefcases, and helping with portion control.

I was happy to see they are now making their 200 gram bars thinner, which helps the chocolate reach body temperature more quickly and delivers the fullest flavor in record time.


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