Richart Infuzz Chocolates

Richart’s chocolates are known for their innovative and original confections, so it is no surprise that they came up with these amazing bonbons. Each is a little masterpiece of culinary engineering.

Working from the inside out, you have a micro thin sugar crust enclosing a small amount of liquid. (If you have had German brandy filled chocolates, you are familiar with the concept; though, here, it is translated into French, with all the nuanced subtlety that implies.) The liquid could be flavored with vanilla, roasted hazelnuts, rose and citrus, black and green tea, citrus and mint, seven spices, or Tahitian vanilla and mint. Next up is the filling (ganache, caramel, or coulis) sandwiched between two layers of a French micro-macaron. All of this is enrobed in 72% Venezuelan Criollo chocolate, one of my all time favorites. The whole far exceeds my description of its parts. In the same bite you have meltingly smooth chocolate, filling, crunchy light macaron, and that tiny shock of liquid.

There are seven flavors in the collection: Balsamic, Hazelnut, Raspberry, Tea, Orange, Five Spices, and Citrus and Rose. Richart has far more creative names for them, but I thought descriptive terms might be more useful.

The chocolates are small, about three quarters of an inch in diameter and about the same height. The top of each sports a distinctive colorful design that makes choosing easy, as the collection comes with a very artistic pamphlet describing the architecture and flavors of each confection.

These are as unusual, high end, and innovative as chocolate gets. The flavors are intense, the textures varied and captivating, and the plain white box with burgundy silk ribbon the epitome of understated elegance.

I recommend subscribing to their mailing list for occasional free shipping offers, and news.


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