Nicobella Vegan Organic 70% Dark Chocolate Truffles

While Nicobella’s truffles are vegan, it is almost a disservice to say that. They are delicious chocolate bonbons. The fact that they aren’t made with cream or white sugar isn’t their claim to fame, it’s their unique flavor combinations and great texture. Sometimes, when reviewing a vegan alternative, I think what a shame only vegans may read this. I am not talking to you about these as “vegan truffles,” but truffles qua truffles. That’s where their cred lies. If only vegans liked them, they might be thought of as a substitute for the real thing. They are the real thing, just healthier.

Nicobella’s chocolate truffles come in a 2.2 ounce box with six pieces, each a different flavor: Blueberry Almond, Ginger Green Tea, Pumpkin Chai, Pure Cocoa Bliss, Sunflower Banana Butter, and Walnut Flaxseed. All are made with Theo’s organic and Fair Trade organic 70% dark chocolate, and have a very dense, rich, creamy ganache center enrobed in a thin layer of chocolate.

I liked each flavor in its own right, and also in relation to its neighbors. Ginger Green Tea was wonderfully well-balanced; and, while neither spice nor tea predominated, they were each discernible. Pumpkin Chai was also distinguished by its beautifully melding flavors. Walnut Flaxseed had a lovely crunch, and Blueberry Almond was saturated with fruit flavor. Pure Cocoa Bliss was ultra creamy and rich, and Sunflower Banana Butter had a slightly dry undertone from the seeds. All were housed in a user-friendly sliding sleeve box that was visually appealing and fun.

These luscious morsels come to you from Nichole Dandrea, a registered dietitian, yoga instructor, and devotee of wholesome foods. Her mission is to take the traditional chocolate truffle and use alternatives for the cream and sugar that are typically found in ganache fillings. By using raw agave nectar, cane sugar, and brown rice syrup as sweeteners, and coconut oil and cocoa butter to achieve a silky smooth texture, she has created a delicious vegan truffle.


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