Chocolate Inspirations

Marcy Veau and her crew at Chocolate Inspirations are passionate about chocolate. They constantly look for ways to tempt and delight you, whether you’re an omnivore or vegan. The following chocolates are from their non-vegan line.

Chocolate Pecan Decadence is a beautiful dark chocolate bark adorned with a layer of milk chocolate, abstract designs of white chocolate, and studded with pecans. The final flourish is a sprinkling of iridescent sugar crystals that add extra crunch.

Coconut Brittle is layered between two slabs of dark chocolate and enhanced with toasted coconut. A super crunchy, not-too-sweet confection that will delight all you coconut lovers.

English Toffee is wildly nutty and bathed in milk chocolate. It’s an excellent rendition of this classic favorite, full of buttery crunchy richness.

Cinnamon Toast Toffee is a thinner slab of toffee made with just enough cinnamon to perk things up but not overwhelm them. Its sparkly topping of sugar crystals adds extra texture and visual appeal.

Coffee Toffee is an exquisite combination of flavors and textures. The coffee not only highlights the dark chocolate, melding into a lovely mocha, but it also ratchets up the toffee and pecans. A truly inspired delight.

Chocolate Inspirations caters to both omnivores and vegans, so whatever your proclivities, they have you covered.


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