Arrowhead Chocolates

Are you someone who loves a classic box of bonbons but would welcome some new flavors? If so, Arrowhead Chocolates out of Oregon has your number. Their lovely assortment of creams, toffee and caramels has an old-fashioned feel, but plenty of modern culinary influences.

Erica, and her parents, Wendy and Bruce, left their respective fields in art, biology, math, education, and counseling to found Arrowhead chocolates. Frankly, I can see how all those skills would be useful in the chocolate trade.

I sampled almost 20 of their confections. The stand-outs were:

Hazelnut toffee in dark chocolate, was a super crisp rendition teeming with nuts and butter, but not too sweet.

Alder smoked caramel, adorned with Alder smoked sea salt, was divine. Chewy, and elevated to caramel heaven with those twin shots of smokiness. The Caramel with Bali sea salt in dark couverture was also delicious, as was Lime caramel with habanero sea salt.

If you love cream centers, they offer a plethora of choices: Oregon raspberry, Columbia River Gorge cherry, Chocolate Vanilla, Lemon cream, Organic Oregon blueberry, Peanut Butter, Orange cream, Vanilla bean, Huckleberry, Masala chai, Espresso, and a lovely two-layered Tiramisu. Each silky center was a lovely vehicle for all those fresh flavors.

Coconut was enhanced with coconut milk, which actually makes it a bit lighter than those made with heavy cream.

I enjoyed the quality and balance of intense and subtle flavors in this assortment.


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