The Chocolate Conspiracy

The Chocolate Conspiracy was founded by AJ Wentworth, self proclaimed chocolate alchemist and holistic health counselor. Apparently, during his studies, AJ developed an insatiable love of raw vegan desserts, especially those with raw cacao. While the average American eats 12-16 pounds of chocolate a year, and the Swiss, 22-26 pounds a year, AJ typically consumes an average of 40-50 pounds of chocolate a year. Chloé Doutre-Roussel, the famous chocophile and author, claims she often ate a pound of chocolate a day.

I can certainly agree the more chocolate the merrier, and we all know the connection between ecstasy and cacao. For many, raw chocolate packs a higher euphoric punch. The Chocolate Conspiracy offers a plethora of creative bars to tempt you into the raw realm.

Their current line includes Dark with heirloom cacao beans, heirloom cacao butter, wildflower honey, and wild-crafted vanilla bean, Wild Spice with cayenne pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, black pepper, and black lava salt, Mint Chip with peppermint essential oil, wild-crafted vanilla bean, and Himalayan pink salt, Maca Bar, and a Goji Bar with gogi berries.

I sampled two, the plain dark, and Wild Ninja with blackberry and ginger. The latter was gently flavored, so if you shy way from a very strong ginger presence you could easily like this. The addition of balsamic vinegar was an inspired touch that gave extra body to this bar. In a way, I found the plain chocolate almost more fruity than the one with berries, which isn’t surprising as it is made from Arriba Nacional beans, known for their fruity profile.

In general, I find most raw chocolate bars are more reminiscent of food than candy. Their texture veers towards the chewy rather than the snappy, and they often have less sugar.

I think there’s a market for all forms of chocolate, from the more traditionally tempered bars to neutraceuticals. AJ is well aware of that and has created an assortment to keep your taste buds, body, mind, and spirit blissed out.


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