Fearless Raw Organic Chocolate

They had me at hello. Being the visual person I am, I was delighted with the Fearless buttons, adorable elephant logo, stars on their bars, winged elephants prancing around the shiny inner packaging, and the gestalt that this company embodies. So appealing, so welcoming, so healthy, so innovative, and so delicious. Who could ask for more?

By now, most of you know how wildly good for you raw chocolate is; however, all raw chocolates are not created equal. Fearless’ is definitely a cut above. I loved their Super Seed Crunch, with its addition of hemp, chia, and flax; like a food and a confection at the same time. I quickly scarfed down a few little squares. Pausing, I noticed the depth of flavor behind all the crunch. Their base, an organic chocolate, has a lovely creaminess that’s most evident in the 75% bar, a truly addicting experience. The Matcha Green Tea with Peppermint was a creative A-plus, with its not-overpowering minty excitement a perfect foil for the dryish-edge of the tea.

Not only does this company, run by artist/activist Jordan Michael Schuster, donate !% to causes suggested by Fearless’ consumers, they have a light-hearted, fun vibe that pervades everything they do. Whether it’s the adorable buttons, the packaging, their elephant logo signifying compassion and triumph over adversity, or their recycled paper boxes, their corporate heart is in the right place. At least, the right place for my old hippie proclivities.


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