New Tree 73% Dark Chocolate Spread and Snack Sized Bars

A couple of years ago I had the pleasure of reviewing New Tree’s Belgian chocolate. I loved their creative approach to enhancing chocolate’s health benefits. The dark bars have 65% cocoa solids, and the milks check in at 42%. These percentages make their darks appeal to a wider range of people, and the milks seductive to folks, like me, who prefer a deeper, richer flavor than is typical of most milk chocolate.

New Tree has recently come out with 5 snack sized bars, each of which weigh only 1.06 ounces, but you’d think they were much bigger. I was quite surprised to see the actual weight as the five chunky sections seemed far heavier than that. They sport 4-6 grams of fiber, 8-10 grams of sugar, 2-3 grams of protein, and 10-12 grams of fat.

I sampled all five: Dark with Flax, Dark Superfruit with pomegranate seeds and cranberries, Dark with Belgian Biscuit, Milk with Lime Granola, and Milk with Almonds. Though all had a delightful crunchiness, each bar was still unique. I adored the Belgian Biscuit, which was studded with yummy bits of not-too-sweet cookie. My next favorite was a tie between Almond and Lime Granola. I wasn’t sure I’d like the lime, but it was applied with a deft touch, heightening both flavor and texture. Dark Superfruit, was also enhanced by the acidity of pomegranate seeds and cranberry. Flax was a natural for me, since I have a thing for that little nutritional powerhouse, with its perfect pizzicato crunches.

I also tried their Noir Pleasure 73% chocolate spread. As someone who always has a jar of dark ganache in my fridge at all times, I was eager to see what New Tree devised. Theirs is a thick spread that would be ambrosial on a peanut butter sandwich, butter cookie, or topping a crisp slice of pear or apple. Noir Pleasure is another atypical product from New tree in that it boasts 70% less fat and 40% fewer calories than any other chocolate spread on the market. They also add something called Beneo, which provides a rich source of inulin fiber, and aids in the absorption of magnesium and calcium.

As I write this, I’m visualizing a stash of New Tree’s snack sized bars in my desk, glove compartment, and handbag. Not a tough image to conjure up.


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