Socola Seasonal Truffles

The Socola sisters are at it again, creating more unusual and delicious truffles, like Pumpkin Burnt Caramel, a fantastic little square of pumpkin, spices, brandy, and dark chocolate.

Each truffle’s texture was marvelously silky, and encased in a thin, perfectly tempered dark shell. Small gems of artistry, like these, are to be savored with a soupçon of reverence.

The Jasmine Tea truffle was deftly infused with just the right strength of brew to achieve a perfectly balanced floral ganache.

Their Give It To Me Guava was an exceptional experience of guava pâte de fruit topping a layer of dark ganache. I’ve never craved this tropical fruit, but the Socola sisters’s rendition is divine.

If you love caramel with a slightly burnt edge, Burnt Baby Burnt is a must. The sublimely chewy caramel is accented with a few grains of sea salt that punctuated the truffle like three little exclamation points.

Ca Phe Sua is French chicory coffee, condensed milk, and dark chocolate; a riff on Vietnamese iced coffee. This is a natural for Wendy and Susan who are Vietnamese, and a delicious cube of creamy mocha flavors.

Stout Beer was a favorite, with Guinness ratcheting up every dark note in the chocolate ganache, leaving you deeply satisfied.

There are many other fantastic flavors in the Socola sisters’ repertoire, and they seem to come up with new ones all the time. If you really savor your truffles, head over to their website and swoon over all the choices.


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