Enstrom Toffee

Tasting various toffees has made me aware of their differences. Enstrom’s, for example, has whole roasted almonds, while other brands have chopped nuts. Some use dark chocolate, some offer a choice, and others are wedded to milk. I have tried toffee cut in little squares and enrobed in chocolate, and toffee that comes in big slabs, making it easy to scarf down a fair amount without even noticing.

Enstrom’s is famous for their toffee. It’s a great classic confection, and incredibly satisfying. Since they want to please every toffee craver’s unique tastes, they offer slabs, squares, and bars in milk and dark chocolate. They even have toffee popcorn and toffee crumbs for bakers, or simply as an addition to ice cream, yogurt, or fruit salad.

Enstrom’s toffee has that crispy texture that melts in your mouth. Since I am a die-hard chocoholic, I like the squares, but if you’re after a higher percentage of buttery toffee, try the slabs.

Toffee is perfect for the holidays and, at under $20 a pound, it’s a festive gift that won’t break the bank.


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