Bees & Beans Candy Bars

While there are many talented chocolatiers working with truffles and bonbons, there are only a few creating new candy bars. Faith Dionne, the spark behind Bees & Beans, uses native Oregon products, like local honey, butter, cream, coffee, berries, walnuts and filberts to create original, delicious treats that she humbly calls candy bars.

I tried all three, and each was a keeper.

Her Honey bar has a center of honey caramel, crunchy salted filberts and chewy honey nougat, with a sprinkling of sea salt, all wrapped in dark chocolate.

The Bert bar is a fascinating blend of textures and flavors. Inside the 70% dark chocolate couverture are crunchy filberts, milk chocolate, peanut butter, and crispy rice.

The coffee bar was a real revelation. Organic Sumatran coffee caramel is studded with toasted Oregon walnuts, and hand dipped in dark chocolate.

Faith should really patent her chocolates, as they are unique, memorable, and incredibly satisfying.

If those three weren’t enough, she will be launching a Malt Bar this Winter, with malted nougat, and a layer of chocolate malt crunch, all hand dipped in milk chocolate.

Apparently, I missed the Berry Bar. Raspberry caramel and honey nougat with dried blueberries nestled in dark chocolate. But, if I can wait, it will be reissued in June of 2012.

All three bars I sampled were excellent, and the quality and care that went into each was apparent from the first bite.

I will keep you posted on further confectionary developments from Faith, as she is clearly a talent to watch.


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