Telluride Truffles

If you are looking for a present that has real wow power look no farther. These truffles arrive in a beautiful black corrugated box that opens to reveal star embossed tissue paper holding a long line of artistically embellished chocolates. The presentation is enchantingly different and makes a statement. Because it’s black, this box would appeal to men and women. Each substantial triangular truffle is adorned with an identifying design so you can use the accompanying map to know what delight awaits.

Even though I hardly ever drink, I love chocolate infused with alcohol. Luckily for me, eight of the fourteen flavors in this range had either liquor or wine in their truffle center. Each was like a little present in itself. The shell was perfectly tempered, not to thin or too thick, and the ganache was sublime. As for freshness, they could have been made minutes before arriving at my door.

Here’s the rundown on the flavors. As I said, I liked the alcohol infused truffles the best, but they were all high quality. If it were me ordering, I’d get a pound of the Black Diamond with Tequila and a touch of salt. It was memorable.

Alpenglow: Bittersweet with Cabernet Sauvignon.
Spiral: Dark chocolate on the outside and milk chocolate inside with Grand Marnier.
Class 5: Bittersweet chocolate with Raspberry.
Snowcapped: Dark chocolate on the outside and white chocolate inside with Myer’s Rum.
Powder Day: All white chocolate inside and out with Amaretto.
First Tracks: Dark Chocolate on the outside and Milk chocolate inside with Chambord
Mud Season: Marbled Milk and Bittersweet Chocolate on the outside filled with hazelnut and milk chocolate.
The Purist: Pure unadulaterated bittersweet chocolate.
Black Diamond: Tequila with a touch of Salt and Dark Chocolate
Valley Cow: Milk and Dark spots on outside and Dark chocolate inside with Jack Daniel’s.
Early Frost: Mint and Dark Chocolate.
Rocky Top: Milk Chocolate inside and out with Kahlua.
Bunny Hill: Milk chocolate inside and out infused with a heady banana flavor.
Timberline: Orange and White Chocolate.

I can’t imagine any chocolate lover who wouldn’t be overjoyed with a gift of Telluride Truffles. For those of you who don’t cotton to the addition of alcohol, you can get assortments without it.


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