Hedonist Artisan Chocolates: Holiday Truffles, Salted Caramels, Candy Cane Bark, and Bittersweet Hot Cocoa

If you are a regular reader of this site, you already know how many incredibly delicious chocolates there are. One of my absolute favorites, especially for the holiday season, is the Egg Nog truffle from Hedonist Artisan Chocolates. In one fell swoop it’s delightfully surprising, familiar, decadent, creamy, and perked up with just the right amount of freshly ground nutmeg. A chocolate tour de force. There are four companion truffles in this holiday assortment. Molasses with Ginger reminds me of gingerbread: spicy, rich, and satisfying. Orange Clove, is an exciting flavor combo of the most perfect amount of spice balanced with a slightly bitter orange—heaven. Fig is elegant, as there are very few, if any seeds, just fig essence blanketed in chocolate and cream. Champagne and Pomegranate is infused with pomegranate liquor, which adds a lovely fruitiness to the champagne and dark chocolate ganache. All of these are encased in a dark chocolate shell that has just enough sugar to make it truly bittersweet.

If that weren’t already an embarrassment of riches, I sampled their Candy Cane Bark. I love the idea of this product, but I typically shy away from the milk chocolate version as it’s simply too sweet for me. Here, the dark chocolate base is your predominant flavor, while the top layer of white chocolate swirled with just enough candy cane bits gives the bark a minty kick. I also like how each piece is a different thickness, some almost paper thin, and others a little thicker. This subtle difference makes each bite a little different from the next, which had me on an intermittent reinforcement schedule, as I kept going back for more.

Salted Caramels come in either milk or dark. The interior is a perfectly chewy, rich caramel with a snowy sprinkle of salt on top.

Last but not least, is their Bittersweet Hot Cocoa. I always forget how much I enjoy cocoa until the weather cools down and I think of making it. This is a very adult rendition of hot chocolate. When they say bittersweet they mean it. Ground cocoa and chunks of chocolate are whisked into hot milk, or your favorite milk alternative, for a supremely satisfying elixir.

While the packaging is a fairly minimalist brown box, or a silver tin for the cocoa, I do like their colored raffia ties. The bark, in all its holiday glory of pink and white and chocolate, comes in a clear cellophane bag with a red raffia bow.


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