Anthon Berg Marzipan

Those of you who regularly read this site know how preoccupied I can be with packaging; so, when I got these Anthon Berg marzipan and fruit chocolates, I was delighted to see how much thought went into keeping them fresh. Each piece is individually wrapped and all ten come in a nice box with a sliding drawer.

There are three different types of marzipan rounds with preserves and liquor. Each weighs in at under an ounce, and is coated in dark chocolate. My favorite was the Apricot in Brandy. Inside is a filling of marzipan (that classic combination of very finely ground almonds and sugar) with a center of brandy infused apricot preserves. The reason this flavor was my first choice is the brandy was a bit stronger than the alcohol in the other two. Mind you, it’s still a very subtle addition to the mix. The ingredients were as fresh as if they had been made yesterday. For a confection this sweet, I found it interesting to see that one 27 gram piece has only ten grams of sugar. I say only ten grams because one of these is a very satisfying treat.

The Plum in Madeira is another delicious combination of flavors and textures, and the Madeira does definitely take the whole experience up a notch.

The Strawberry in Champagne has the mildest alcohol presence but the fruit is the apotheosis of strawberryness.

Anthon Berg’s Marzipan Rounds with Fruit Preserves and liqour would make a great gift for any marzipan and chocolate lover, and a tantalizing addition to any dessert tray.

In my experience, they are typically only available during the Fall and Winter, so don’t wait to satisfy that craving.


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