Sweet Pillar & Co. Dark Chocolate and Dates

I accidentally stumbled upon Sweet Pillar’s website and was immediately entranced. I have always like the combination of dates and chocolate, and when I bake I often sweeten chocolate cakes with finely chopped dates.

Nadia Hubbi, the founder of Sweet Pillar, calls her Syrian confections Bon Dates, and they come in a variety of flavors. I sampled three. Each is covered in good dark chocolate. My favorite was the coconut, as the flavors and textures blended beautifully, but the Almond Bon Dates were also delicious with their crunchy roasted nut centers. For purists, she offers unadulterated dates and chocolate.

Nadia makes Mamool cookies, a shortbread shell with a filling of pistachios or dates; so, now you know whom to contact if you have been craving some Middle Eastern sweets. I didn’t try them, but they look very appealing.

If you love chocolate and dates, and enjoy a low fat and fairly low calorie treat, these come in at 30 calories per piece, I would highly recommend Sweet Pillar’s.


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