Ritter Sport

Ritter Sport’s appealing chunky, square bars are available everywhere, from Target to airports; yet, I have only tried a couple of these ubiquitous classics. Why? Probably because most of their options are based on milk chocolate. After sampling them, I can say their milk bars are excellent examples of some tried and true favorites with a few surprises. I love the look of these 100 gram squares and their 16 mini portions.

Here’s a walk through the 16 flavors I sampled. For simplicity’s sake they will be divided into dark, milk, and white chocolate.

The Darks:

Dark Chocolate with Mousse au Chocolat is a heady bar with a dense, dark chocolate mousse filling. The mousse is very thick, rather than light, and a little is deeply satisfying. I liked the tobacco notes in the couverture.

Dark Chocolate with Whole Hazelnuts is chock-ful of crunchy roasted nuts. A classic combination for a good reason.

Dark Chocolate with Peppermint is fantastic. The perfectly sublime dark shell is filled with one of the cleanest minty fondants I have ever tasted.

Dark Chocolate with Marzipan is another excellent duo, as the well tempered dark couverture provides a great textural counterpoint to the soft, super-fresh marzipan.

Their 50% plain dark bar is a very easy-to-eat, sweet chocolate.

The Milks:

Ritter’s milk selection is varied, innovative, and delicious.

Milk Chocolate with Raisins and Hazelnuts is easy to love, and scarf down. The combination of fresh, chewy raisins and crisp roasted nuts has always been a winner in my book.

Milk Chocolate with Neapolitan Wafers is another delight. Hazelnut cream-filled wafers with praline are embedded in a thick coat of chocolate. An excellent choice for coffee or tea.

Milk Chocolate with Butter Biscuit has the wonderful texture of cookie and a smooth layer of milk and cocoa cream.

Milk Chocolate Praline is filled with hazelnut praline. It’s sweet, nutty and super creamy.

Milk Chocolate with Strawberry Cream is a perky, tangy fruit and yogurt cream center in milk chocolate. Little pieces of crisped rice add texture and interest to this pretty strawberry infused bar.

Milk Chocolate with Cornflakes is different from many permutations of this pair, since there is a higher chocolate to cereal ratio. This makes it extra rich, with the cereal playing understudy to the chocolate.

Milk Chocolate with Whole Almonds is packed with roasted nuts and fulfills all your crunch cravings.

Milk Chocolate with Whole Hazelnuts is for those who want a rich milk base to offset the roasted nuts that are strewn throughout this bar.

35% Fine Milk Chocolate is exactly that, a sweet, milky bar that is a little less creamy than their 30% Alpine Milk, which was as dairy rich as any chocolate I have ever tasted.

The White:

White Chocolate with Whole Hazelnuts is surprisingly less sweet than I would have imagined and actually allows the roasted nuts to shine.

If you love milk chocolate, or dark with peppermint or marzipan, you will be happy to know these bars are easy to find and reasonably priced.


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