Madécasse Sea Salt & Nibs, Cinnamon & Sakay Pepper, Arabica Coffee Nibs

I am smitten with these new bars from Madécasse, where creativity and awakened taste buds go hand in hand. Not to mention a humanitarian mission that truly helps cacao farmers by paying them a fair price and keeping the manufacturing in Madagascar which generates 4x more income than fair trade practices alone.

Their Sea Salt & Nibs bar won the Best in Show award at the Salon du Chocolat in Paris, and I can easily see why. Crunchy nibs and salt crystals vie for your attention in a 63% dark chocolate whose complexity can stand up to the intense flavors of nibs and salt.

The heat of the Cinnamon and Sakay pepper bar is perfectly balanced with that same 63% chocolate. Sakay pepper is not bitingly hot, but lends some extra oomph to the cinnamon. This is definitely a new favorite, as that cinnamon and chocolate combo is quite addictive.

If you love coffee and chocolate you will swoon over their 44% dark milk bar with Arabica nibs. The creamy rich chocolate is a perfect backdrop for crunchy nibs.

As for the packaging, it is user friendly with a foil liner and an appealingly artistic envelope.


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