Raaka Virgin Organic Chocolate

We all know a well tempered bar when we see its glossy shine, hear its snap, or bite into its crisp texture, but there is another aspect to chocolate that always intrigues me. It is that chewy texture that miraculously co-exists with the other aspects of an expertly tempered bar. It’s not exactly chewy, per se; it’s more thickly textured. I’m beginning to feel like a bit of a synesthete talking about thick textures. Perhaps, you just have to sample these bars from Raaka to understand what I mean. And, if you can express this better than I please share your linguistic skills.

The folks at Raaka like to call their chocolate Virgin, as it is made with stone ground unroasted cocoa beans. They must conch the chocolate for a while as the texture is also meltingly smooth. The flavor super rich, complex, and lingering.

I tried three of their six different bars. Each weighs in at 1.25 ounces and is a plain, unadorned slab of chocolate essence. (They also make larger 2.5 ounce bars.)

The 85% dark from the Dominican Republic is easy to scarf down. It has a creamy texture from the addition of organic cocoa butter and I discerned a touch of leather, the tang of citrus, and a slight tannic undertone.

Next up is the 67% Vanilla Rooibos which is redolent of Rooibos tea plumped up with vanilla flavor.

Their 71% dark with sea salt was my favorite of the trio, as it seemed the most balanced between slightly acidic notes, lush dark berries, and sweetness.

Each wrapper was a slightly different artistic two tone design, which makes for a lovely present for your raw, vegan friends; or, anyone who appreciates unadulterated chocolate.


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