Organic Chocolate Innovations from The Tea Room

A native of Switzerland, chef Heinz Rimann has traveled the globe, including a stint at the famous Hong Kong Peninsula hotel. His extensive knowledge of world cuisine inspired The Tea Room, a chocolate and tea company that builds on Heinz’s cultural and culinary background.

I loved the drawing of the little Harlequin holding a cup of steaming tea at the bottom of each box. Just part of the overall attention to detail and innovation that marks this line.

I sampled 9 of the 11 different organic tea-infused chocolate bars, all of which were well tempered and very thin (1.8 ounces).

The first, Chamomile & Honey, was a 30% white bar delicately flavored with wild honey and chamomile tea. While the honey was a bit more prominent, the chamomile provided herbal undertones that blended well with this ultra-creamy chocolate.

Black Masala Chai is a 38% milk bar with Indian black tea, cardamom, cinnamon, pepper and other spices. This delicious blend of spices and tea was like a chocolate chai, warming, smooth, and satisfying.

Jasmine is another 38% milk bar suffused with Jasmine green tea and tangerine essence. The tangerine was a subtle addition to a wonderfully flowery, but not perfumy, chocolate experience.

Midnight Mocha, a 72% dark, shows off its cred with Arabica espresso beans that take mocha into an adult realm beyond your wildest imagination.

Almond Caramel is a 60% dark with almond and caramel essence and a touch of sea salt. This is a very decadent treat, sweet, salty, and rich.

Raspberry Rooibos, 58%, is infused with raspberry Rooibos tea, which gives it a heady and lingering fruit flavor.

Earl Grey is a 60% bar with an unmistakable bergamot flavor. Organic Earl Grey tea from India adds extra zing.

Mate and Cocoa Nibs is a very dark 72% chocolate with Argentinian Yerba Mate tea, cacao nibs, and a bit of star anise for complexity.

Mayan Pepper Chai, 60% dark, has black tea, Mayan chili pepper and Chai spices. It is very different from its milk sibling, the Black Masala Chai, in that the spices have an edgier, and more intense profile when coupled with this darker chocolate.

All of these bars are far from ordinary fare, and would make a wonderful chocolate bundle for your own little chocoholic, or tea lover.


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