Sweeteeth Chocolate

Funny names and beautiful wrapping paper designed by Fuzzco in South Carolina made me curious about these bars from Sweeteeth. The inner foil liner on the filled bars must have been folded by an Origami master, as it is just beautiful to behold. So pretty, in fact, I almost felt as if I were desecrating a piece of art when I unwrapped it.

Here’s the lowdown on the five bars I tasted:

Sea is for Caramel, with sea salt. I am not typically partial to runny caramel, but when it is redolent of slightly burnt sugar I swoon. This was incredibly delicious, if a bit messy to eat. Every bite was an ecstatic experience.

Call of the Wild is a 65% dark bar filled with a sultry port wine caramel. A hint of sea salt carries this confection into a heavenly realm. Be warned, the wrapper is mildly deviant, as two little animals are procreating. They are adorable, even caught in medias res; but, I wanted to warn those of you with delicate sensibilities. Apparently, the design was inspired by Valentine’s day.

Cinnapsis is a dark milk Chocolate with dried apples, candied pecans, and cinnamon. The add-ins are scattered on the underside of the bar for a sassy abstract effect. I loved the chewy apple chunks with the crunchy candied pecans. An appealing riff on a chocolate caramel apple, and a lot easier to eat.

PB & C contains 65% Dark Chocolate, natural peanut butter, milk chocolate, Chipotle Peppers, and Smoked Himalayan Sea Salt. It was fiesta of smokey, sweet, slightly hot flavors with a divinely creamy texture in a perfectly tempered dark chocolate shell.

AChocolypse combines fresh ginger with popping sugar for a little sizzle action in a 70% dark bar. The ginger was very fresh, not fibrous, and added a wonderful chewy texture. It married perfectly with the 70% dark chocolate.

Sweeteeth’s chocolatier, Johnny Battles, also offers a weekly line-up of fresh truffles. A recent list included: Port Wine Caramel, Salted Vanilla Caramel, Star Anise & Rose Peppercorn, Chocolate Noir, and Toasted Coriander with Lemon. While I didn’t sample any, I’m sure they are as irresistible as these five bars.

Johnny is a young, hip chocolatier to watch.


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