Leonidas’s 3Gs: Gianduja, Giantina, Giamanda & Mosaique

In America, gianduja is most commonly experienced as Nutella, the ubiquitous chocolate and hazelnut spread; aka Europe’s peanut butter. Of course, Gianduja confections are not remotely like Nutella, but the comparison gives you a reference point.

If you love rich, creamy gianduja, the classic combination of chocolate and nut paste, you will adore Leonidas’ three versions.

Gianduja is pure almond & hazelnut praliné. The texture is ultra smooth, and melts in your mouth.
Giantina includes little pieces of crispy wafer that impart a subtle, light crunch.
Giamanda has chopped California almonds that add both texture and flavor to the creamy nut praliné.

I liked the two with a bit of crunch best.

Leonidas is also rolling out two new chocolates: Dark Mosaique is a praline with crushed cranberries and Milk Mosaique’s praline has pieces of spiced gingerbread cookies. These are very desserty chocolates: sweet, rich, and filling. I surprised myself by liking the milk version as much as the dark one. Both are decadent treats designed to perk you up and instill some holiday cheer.


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