Life Opening Chocolates, Raw and Organic 73-75%

Barbara Yeager is a bouyant, creative, life-embracing soul who wants to make the world a better place by bringing health and joy to all through raw, organic chocolates.

I must admit, as a fellow yogi, I am somewhat predisposed to liking her wares; however, not everyone is ready for, or open to raw chocolate. It’s a shame, really, since agave-sweetened raw chocolate has a place in the chocophile’s stash. Its healthy, raw cacao has about 700% more anti-oxidant power than your typical chocolate, and its low glycemic index won’t raise your blood sugar levels.

I sampled three little bars and three bonbons. My favorite was the Coconut Cream, a pretty chocolate-encased dome with a creamy, coconut filling. Cosmic Mint, a rectangular mint cream filled confection, was perked up with a touch of sea salt. Meteor Shower, its fraternal twin, is spiked with tiny, crunchy nibs. All are quite a departure from your typical chocolates, and that’s what makes them interesting and fun.

Chile & Salt is a perky 26 gram bar with a medium amount of heat. The chocolate melts in your mouth fairly quickly. As much of a rush as this is, it’s not overly intense. I think that’s because, unlike single-origin bars I have recently reviewed only using beans and sugar, these bars have cacao butter which makes them melt faster. I liked the crunchy deep layered flavor of Cacao Crunch, Barbarba’s naked chocolate with nibs. For you purists, there’s the Janzabar, a plain bar punched up with sea salt.

If you are a raw foodie, a vegan, or simply someone who wants to amp up the benefits of your chocolate, Life Opening offers these six plus a couple of other options.

The packaging is adorned with pretty artistic labels designed by Jill Mollenhauer, and is easily resealable, something that always floats my boat.


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