Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate from Ecuador and The Dominican Republic; Organic and Fair Trade

If you are looking to sate your chocolate cravings with single origin bars, Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate has a few you will love. Adam Dick and Dustin Taylor who previously used their talents making furniture and building boats, bring that same attention to detail to their bean to bar chocolates.

Everything is made in their small factory in Arcata, California, with only two ingredients: organic cacao and organic cane sugar. They don’t add vanilla or cocoa butter, so the unique flavor of each bean comes through.

Their attention to detail is obvious from your first look at the bar. A beautiful fleur-de-lis inspired pattern greets you, along with a heady chocolate scent. The outer wrapping is adorned with a black and white sketch of the wooden frame of a boat’s hull, while the inner gold foil keeps everything fresh. The chocolate is tempered to a perfect glossy snap. Unlike other stone ground bars, theirs has a smooth, creamy texture that doesn’t miss the addition of cocoa butter.

I was immediately smitten with their 70% Ecuadorian bar. Its rich, complex, slightly acid notes, enhanced with soft, rounded fruit flavors, and nuances of soil conspire to make this a super-satisfying chocolate that will never bore you. I had to stop myself from eating it on auto-pilot it was so addictive.

Their 74% Dominican Republic bar is dark and in your face. Its quintessentially mature flavor profile: astringent, with slightly sharp citrus notes, a hit of tobacco, and dried plum, will make dark chocolate lovers swoon.

The 74% Dominican bar with Fleur de Sel is a little startling. Salty notes heighten a very intense chocolate. Perfect for those of you who love taking things up a few notches. I found it held my interest with its bold, take no prisoners attitude.

In short, these are all sophisticated, beautiful, and supremely satisfying bars from two creative souls. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.


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