Snake and Butterfly Organic Maple Syrup and Bacon Brittle Bar & Organic Salted Bourbon Caramels

For most of my adult life I have leaned towards vegetarianism. I honestly can’t remember when I last had a piece of bacon, it may have been decades ago. So, do I have the cred to even review this bar? You bet. If it makes me swoon, imagine what it will do to a real die-hard bacon fan.

Elvis is probably spinning in his grave with envy as I write about this mostly organic, super rich 1.75 ounce dark bar. Its abundance of crunchy maple, bacon toffee means every bite comes at you from all directions at once: salty, sweet, smokey, chocolatey, crispy, and smooth. On reflection, it’s the smokiness of the slightly salty bacon with just-sweet-enough maple syrup that sends this into confectionary delirium. Yummsville, as my father used to say.

I also tried their Salted Bourbon Caramels, a sweet reverie of soft caramel in a thick dark chocolate shell. The caramel’s subtle pear flavor intrigued me, and took everything up a few notches.

If you are looking for innovative chocolates this is one shop to watch.


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