Amelia Rope Chocolate: Pale Lime and Sea Salt 39%

By using the term “pale,” Amelia Rope has created a novel linguistic way of distinguishing her milk bars from the dark ones. The Madagascan dark sails in at 67%, while the pale bars sport a 39% Ecuadorian base. Amelia uses organic essential oils to add flavor, as in the Pale Lime and Sea Salt I sampled. The creamy milk chocolate was perked up with a hint of lime and enough sea salt to enhance the chocolate and spike the lime’s flavor. I have had other bars with lime and did not enjoy the heavy-handed way the fruit was used as it seemed to fight with the chocolate to see which could be more intense. In those creations, the lime may have won, but in the end the bar lost. Here, the smoothly textured chocolate, salt, lime are whispering sweetly to each other.

There are a plethora of choices at her shop including Pale/Dark Rose, Pale/Dark Mandarin, Pale/Dark Hazelnut and Sea Salt, Pale/Dark Coffee Bean and others. In addition, there are plain bars ranging from 39% to 75%. Each one comes with an outer plastic sleeve that keeps your chocolate fresh, assuming it will not get scarfed up upon opening. I also liked the simple, elegant brown paper wrapper and attractive dark brown ribbon.


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