Chocbite: Create Your Own Bar

Are you a secret wannabe chocolatier? If so, I have a way for you to create almost any kind of chocolate bar without having to learn how to temper your couverture at home. Chocbite, an Austin Texas company started by Adeline “Adz” Rem, offers four basic bars, ranging from a very dark 72% to white chocolate. Toppings are grouped by type into five categories: sweet, savory, nut, fruit and decorative. I loved the option to double up on my favorite ingredients.

Adeline let me create four bars, and I enjoyed them all. The first was a 56% dark base with double spicy BBQ almonds and double dried mango. The almonds were extremely fresh and crunchy, and the mango was high quality and supple. I liked the way the slightly sweet chocolate complemented the nuts and chewy fruit.

The following three were all based on Chocbite’s 72% dark chocolate. One bar had caramel bits, chipotle powder and salted peanuts. A lovely mix of textures: chewy, crunchy and smooth, with a little fire from the smokey chipotle. The next one was adorned with double salted pistachios and double crystallized ginger. Once again, the fruit was very fresh (with no strings marring its texture) and the pistachios were crunchy. I specifically ordered something with pistachios because I often find them stale and almost chewy. These were perfect. My last combo was honey pecans, salted pecans and lemon salt. A funky chocolate riff on lemon pecan pie bars.

The site is very user-friendly, and offers everything from 24 karat gold flakes to saffron. How about salted hazelnuts with fig, or cantaloupe and roasted, salted macadamias? For the child in you, or as a great, fun gift to a teen, they offer an abundance of fanciful choices like Teddy Grahams, marshmallow bunnies, and Popping Rocks.

If making one more decision is just too daunting, Adeline has come up with some tried and true combinations in every category from nutty to sweet, to love-themed bars. (Remember them for Valentine’s Day and anniversaries.)

The clear packaging is very appealing and each 3 ounce bar has what appears to be a bite taken out of its northwest corner. A lovely, whimsical touch that fits the fun vibe you get from creating your own chocolate.


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