Ococoa Truffle and Caramel Bars

Let’s start with a little exercise. Close your eyes and imagine the richest, most perfectly textured caramel, neither too runny nor too hard, encased in dark chocolate, and infused with either Irish Whiskey, Tawny Port, or Honey Liqueur. What you have is a caramel reverie for adults. Luckily, your fantasy can become reality as Diana Malouf, the chocolatier at Ococoa has created these dynamite bars for caramel lovers who want a sophisticated chocolate covered caramel at an astoundingly low price. But we’ll get to that later.

In the meantime, let me tempt you with her three truffle-filled bars: Cardamom Orange, Salted Chocolate, and Pomegranate. Each will transport you with its depth of flavor, lovely play of textures, and beautiful designs adorning the underside of each bar.

Diana uses 61% E. Guittard chocolate for her couverture and tempers it to a snappy, glossy shell so it perfectly contrasts with either creamy caramel or silky truffle centers. She achieves a sublime proportion between interior and exterior; no mean feat.

All of these bars cajoled me from the first bite; and, when I saw each had six sections, the little two year old who always wants more was appeased. The frugally minded adult was mollified by the amazing price of $24 for such a trove of creative truffles and caramels. In this day and age, when one piece of high end chocolate can easily run you two dollars, or more, this is like getting each piece for less than 70 cents. Of course, it’s only possible because you are buying bars and not individual chocolates. Trust me: your eyes, mouth, and nose will not know the difference.

As for presentation, the bars came in an attractive dark chocolate colored box with a wide, dark royal blue ribbon knotted in a sumptuous bow.

If you are a nut lover and haven’t tried Diana’s Nut Butter Cups, you are in for a big treat. I reviewed them back in March of 2009 and was smitten with the design, creative concept, and taste. You can read all about them here: https://chocolateratings.wordpress.com/2009/03/01/ococoa-chocolates-dark-chocolate-nut-butter-cups/

By the way, Diana encourages you to custom design a box of bars reflecting your own preferences on Ococoa’s website. I’m already concocting one as I write this.


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