Taza Chocolate: 70% Orange, Ginger & Chipotle

These three new flavors from Taza, the organic stone ground chocolate people, are as different as they could be; yet, each is craveable. (For you dictionary hounds, there is no such word, but I think there should be.)

The ginger is not especially spicy, so if you love ginger’s sweetness, but not its heat, this is for you. The discs, two to a package, are enhanced with organic powdered ginger, not the crystallized variety, which is a bit unusual. I sample a lot of chocolate, and I can’t think of any other ginger-chocolate combo that uses the powdered root. You get a hint, rather than a hit, of spice. An interesting choice that definitely compliments Taza’s sugar crystal crunch.

The orange variety is enhanced with organic orange oil. It has a lovely, subtle fragrance and a vibrant orange flavor. The lingering acidity adds a nice tang to the rich chocolate.

My favorite of the trio was the Chipotle. Maybe it’s all my Mayan chocolate associations of spice, heat, and stone ground chocolate, but this one is just superb. The subtle fire from the organic Chipotle chili powder really ratchets up the 70% chocolate with bursts of smokey warmth.

As you may imagine, when I sit to write a review amidst an assortment of chocolates, I am constantly breathing in their scent; and, frankly, they are all pretty seductive. Taza’s unique aroma entices with its own heady blend of sugar and fermentation. That may not sound particularly inviting, but if you read their explanation of this process I think you will appreciate just how much time and care goes into this rustic chocolate (http://www.tazachocolate.com/OurProcess/Fermentation_&_Drying).

As always, I enjoy the lovely 3″ discs in each package. Each is scored into eight little perfectly portioned triangles, which are fun to break apart. I can’t vouch for their portion control, as I find Taza’s crunchy, satisfying chocolate hard to resist.


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